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By Her Own Hand:
Memoirs of a Suicide’s Daughter

“[A] searing memoir about the long shadow cast by a mother's suicide.”
--Joyce Johnson

"[Contains] hard-won insight into the complexities of family.”
--Richard Rhodes

“Beautifully told...a sober, eloquent account...honest and courageous.”
--San Francisco Chronicle

A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year.

Passionate Attachments: Fathers and Daughters in America Today

“The first major study of the complex relationship between fathers and daughters.”
--Philadelphia Inquirer

“Invokes in the reader of either sex the constellation of feelings and hurts, surprises and delights, in the word ‘Daddy.’”
--New York Times Book Review

Daughters and Mothers, Mothers and Daughters

Through in-depth interviews and a solid grounding in the psychological literature, tells the stories of both daughters and mothers as it follows the relationship from a daughter's birth to mothers and their grown daughters.

“Enlightening, authentic ‘inside’ view of probably most women’s lives in our time.”
--Publishers Weekly